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Come on, Sammy!  Let’s have a beer… talk about it.  I’m tired of playing.  Let’s finish this game. (x)

amirah-o asked: "Since it's all over, can you tell me what the word was?"

At time 1:01 in the GISHWHES video (with the sign from Afghanistan in it), look at the veeery bottom right corner. Not of the sign, but of the whole screen. For a split second, the password appears in tiny black font: orphiD#alactu$kale

Happy Birthday Osric Master Chau! (July 20th, 1986)

Anonymous asked: "congrats on finding the script! i found the exact location but i live an hour away :( haha good on you. in case you dont follow his twitter there was some email or something you should contact"

Thanks so much! Aww better luck next time to you. And yes I did send in the email. Thanks for mentioning it in case though!

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danneels asked: "Was it hard to find the script and were there a lot of people looking? I would've gone to try but like I figured it'd be gone by the time I got there since it would've taken me an hour to get to that side of Vancouver. But congratulations!!!"

Thanks! It wasn’t that hard to find the script; just took a bit of walking through ferns and bushes to get to it. I found it within a few minutes of arriving at the location, which was about an hour and a half after Misha posted the challenge.

There was someone that was looking for it when I got there but must’ve given up, because she left soon after I started looking! She was just walking around the outskirts of the bushes, though.

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viva-la-cockles asked: "Congratulations! I hope it's an amazing read!"

Thanks! I haven’t taken it out of the plastic bag yet D: too scared I’ll mess it up. I’ll read it eventually XD

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deandelionwindchester asked: "congrats on finding the script!"

Thank you!!